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Project Description
WF Terminator is a SharePoint 2010 Tool to Examine and Terminate Workflows.

WF Terminator 2.png

Following is the scenario upon which I have created the tool:
  • Customer needs to terminate a workflow instance
  • Administrator needs a better tool to filter, examine & terminate workflows
SharePoint 2010 user interface provides a Workflow page to perform the same. But in case if the Administrator credentials not available the above tool can be used to filter, examine & terminate the running workflows. By default the System Account user token is used to impersonate to the site.

The tool provides the following features:
  • Enumerating the workflows using System Account
  • Filtering the results based on Workflow Status, Workflow User Name etc.
  • Termination of Workflow

Screen Shot
Following is the screen shot of WF Terminator:
WFT shot1.png

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